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A Collected Volume of Articles on the Cultural Contact between the Baltic Region and Germany was published

The voluminous publication with 27 articles from the scholars in the Baltic states and Germany, but also Italy and Great Britain was published in January 2024. „Baltische Erzähl- und Lebenswelten. Kultur-, literatur-, translations- und sprachwissenschaftliche Aspekte“ provides insights into contemporary research on the literary, cultural, artistic, and linguistic relations between […]

The Special Issue of the Journal „Methis“ on the topic of „Translation and Literary Multilingualism“ has been published.

The special issue „Translation and Literary Multilingualism“, edited by Daniele Monticelli, Maris Saagpakk, and Anna Verschik, offers a wide range of views on literary multilingualism in translation. The articles examine how the translation of multilingualism silences or amplifies the voices in other languages in literary works, and what attitudes towards […]

Daniele Monticelli and Maris Saagpakk Presented Estonian Translation History in Ghent

From 13-15 September Ghent University in Belgium hosted a conference dedicated to the research of Translations in Periodicals. In his paper “Eluding censorship through periodicals and translations: Soviet Estonia and Loomingu Raamatukogu,” Daniele Monticelli presented an interesting case of Soviet Estonian translation history. Maris Saagpakk talked about a literary periodical from […]

Daniele Monticelli, Anna Verschik and Maris Saagpakk Participated in “Trextuality” Conference Held in Turku 7-9 September

The focus of the conference organized by the Finnish Literature Society and the University of Turku was on interdisciplinary approaches to translated and multilingual texts. Monticelli presented his archive reseach on the Estonian translation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “Weaving the threads: The manuscript of the Estonian translation of Solzhenitsyn’s “One day […]

Marin Jänes on Translating Multilingualism in the Estonian Translation of Edzard Schaper’s „Der Henker“ (1940) by Katrin Kaugver „Timukas“ (2009)

At the conference „Jenseits der Deiche. Konflikte der Abgrenzung“, organized by the University of Utrecht and Gesellschaft für Internationale Germanistik, Marin Jänes presented her research on multilingualism in Baltic German literature. Edzard Schaper’s novel „Der Henker“ (1940) offers a display of various ways of lexical and non-lexical multilingualism. The presentation […]

Marin Jänes and Maris Saagpakk Participated in the Panel on Literary Multilingualism in Eastern Europe

At the conference Deutscher Germanistentag in Paderborn 25.-28. September 2022 Jänes and Saagpakk presented a paper on multilingualism in Baltic-German literature. The aim of the panel was to bring together scholars from Eastern-European countries to compare the use of multilingualism in the texts of German diasporas in their countries. Multilingualism […]

Anne Lange in the Translation Research Summer School conducted by the Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies (Shanghai University)

From 27 June to 8 July 2022 Anne Lange participated in the Translation Research Summer School on context and contextualisation conducted by the Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies at Shanghai International Studies University. The school offered two paths of participation, one for doctoral students and another for more experienced […]

Aile Möldre on Estonian Translation in Exile

Möldre presented a paper titled “Fiction in Estonian Translation in the Book Production of Exile Publishers” at the conference “Translation in Exile: Motives, Effects and Functions. Third annual Exil:Trans Conference” in Vienna, July 7-9. In her paper, Möldre first gave an overview of Estonian exile movements in the 20th century. […]

Daniele Monticelli and Eda Ahi on literary centres and peripheries in Mona Baker’s „Unsettling Translation: Studies in Honour of Theo Hermans“

Monticelli’s and Ahi’s article „Gianni Rodari’s Adventures of Cipollino in Russian and Estonian: translation and ideology in the USSR“ focuses on the role that literature played after World War II in the ideological transformation of citizens of the communist countries of Eastern Europe into the so-called Homo Sovieticus. Along with original literature, […]

Marin Jänes and Maris Saagpakk on Multilingualism in Baltic German Anecdotes in Reykjavík

At the conference of Baltic and Scandinavian German Scholars Jänes and Saagpakk discussed the issues of language contact as represented in Baltic German anecdotes in their paper „Mehrsprachigkeit in deutschbaltischen Anekdoten‟. The collection of anecdotes „Fanfaronaden‟ analyzed in the paper was published in 1928. The anecdotes about three local languages […]

Monticelli and Lange represent Estonian Translation Studies on the Conference “Translation Studies in Ukraine as an Integral Part of European Context” in Bratislava 12.-13.05

In the light of the current war in Ukraine the conference “Translation Studies in Ukraine as an Integral Part of European Context” was launched to disseminate the results of research into translation done in Ukraine and to highlight the common European values shared by Ukraine and the EU. Translation in […]

Multilingulism in Baltic-German literature

Maris Saagpakk and Marianne Laura Saar’s article „Widerspiegelung der Mehrsprachigkeit des historischen Baltikums in den ‚Briefen eines baltischen Idealisten an seine Mutter‘ von Georg Julius von Schultz und ihre Übermittlung in der Übersetzung ins Estnische“ is a quantitative study of heteroglossic voices in the letters of Baltic German doctor, philologist […]

Translating Poetry

The 14th conference of the Estonian Association of Comparative Literature in November 2021 focuses on “The Factor of Lyrical Poetry in the Formation of Literary Cultures”. As members of the “Translation in History” project, Miriam McIlfatrick-Ksenofontov and Miriam Rossi have put together a translation panel with the aim of bringing together papers that explore […]

Reception of August von Kotzebue in Eastern Europe and August Kitzberg’s self-reflection on translating Kotzebue

On the annual conference “Kotzebue-Gespräche” (October 8.-9., 2021) Maris Saagpakk presented an overview of reception patterns of Kotzebue in some Eastern European countries. A common dynamic of a 30-year reception curve, starting from delight and ending with strong criticism could be traced in each country surveyed. Furthermore, a self-reflection by […]

Anne Lange’s keynote at Kharkiv University

Ass. Prof. Anne Lange’s talk was titled “On the Complementarity of Translation and Cultural Studies” and it focused on presenting the forthcoming Routledge “Handbook on the History of Translation Studies” edited by Lange, Daniele Monticelli and Christopher Rundle. The handbook targets an interdisciplinary audience and offers both the review of […]

Total Translation: From Catford to Torop

Anne Lange’s article was published in the volume “The Situatedness of Translation Studies. Temporal and Geographical Dynamics of Theorization” (2021), edited by Luc van Doorslaer and Ton Naaijkens. The article focuses on Peeter Torop’s concept of total translation as it stems out of the Tartu-Moscow semiotic school of thought and […]

Translating the Soviet Thaw in the Estonian Context: Entangled Perspectives on the Loomingu Raamatukogu Book Series

Daniele Monticelli’s article “Translating the Soviet Thaw in the Estonian Context: Entangled Perspectives on the Loomingu Raamatukogu Book Series” was published in the Journal of Baltic Studies 51/3, Entangled Cultures in the Baltic Region special issue (2020).  This article develops a multi-layered analysis of the Estonian Loomingu Raamatukogu book series within the context of the Soviet Thaw. […]

Miriam McIlfatrick defended her PhD thesis on poetry translation

On the 11th of January Miriam McIlfatrick-Ksenofontov defended her PhD thesis “Mapping the Invisible: The Elaboration of a Creative Approach to Translating Poetry” at Tallinn University. The supervisors were Tallinn University’s Associate Professor Anne Lange and Professor Daniele Monticelli. The reviewers were Tartu University’s Associate Professor Maria-Kristiina Lotman and University […]