Estonia 1850-2010: Texts, Agents, Institutions and Practices

Anna Verschik in Lviv on Translations in the Context of Resistance

On June 7, Anna Verschik was invited to give a paper at the e-conference „Translation as Resistance: The Politics of Intercultural Mediation in East-Central Europe“. The conference was dedicated to Ukrainian scholarship in Translation, Language and Cultural Studies. Verschik’s paper focused on the use of facebook by Ukrainian poets and translators. She discussed the opportunities and problems connected with this new form of media and raised the question of prototext in the case of poetry on facebook. Due to the algorithms, the reader may first see translations of a poem into other languages and only then start looking for the original. Accordingly, a translator of a poem might be influenced by multiple other translations (readings) of the poem into other languages. Verschik’s case study showed the emergence of networks around translations: a Ukrainian poet, a translator into language x, other translators from Ukrainian, other translators into language x, other Ukrainian poets. 

Furthermore, the conference facilitated a presentation and discussion of the recently published „Translation under Communism“ (2022), edited by Christopher Rundle, Anne Lange, and Daniele Monticelli.