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A Collected Volume of Articles on the Cultural Contact between the Baltic Region and Germany was published

The voluminous publication with 27 articles from the scholars in the Baltic states and Germany, but also Italy and Great Britain was published in January 2024. „Baltische Erzähl- und Lebenswelten. Kultur-, literatur-, translations- und sprachwissenschaftliche Aspekte“ provides insights into contemporary research on the literary, cultural, artistic, and linguistic relations between […]

Maris Saagpakk and Alari Allik Participated in Eurasian Translation Congress 2 Held in Yerevan

Eurasian Translation Congress 2 (27-29 September) focused on the practice of mediated or indirect translation. Translation scholars have traditionally paid little attention to the concept of mediated or indirect translation regarding it as a poor quality and second-rate form of translation. The aim of the conference was to provide a […]