Estonia 1850-2010: Texts, Agents, Institutions and Practices

Maris Saagpakk and Alari Allik Participated in Eurasian Translation Congress 2 Held in Yerevan

Eurasian Translation Congress 2 (27-29 September) focused on the practice of mediated or indirect translation. Translation scholars have traditionally paid little attention to the concept of mediated or indirect translation regarding it as a poor quality and second-rate form of translation. The aim of the conference was to provide a platform for discussion on a broad spectrum of issues pertaining to the concept of mediated translation.

Maris Saagpakk presented a paper “Translations of Fictional Literature into Estonian in the Middle of the 19th Century in the Context of Nation Building: Choices, Agents and Discourses” and Alari Allik’s paper was titled “Arkady Stugatsky’s Translation of Kōbō Abe’s “Inter Ice Age 4″ and Its Influence on Soviet Translators.”