Estonia 1850-2010: Texts, Agents, Institutions and Practices

History and Translation Network Conference in 2024

Daniele Monticelli (organizing committee) and Anne Lange (scientific committee) are helping to organize the next conference of The History and Translation Network (HTN) conference in Graz 2024.

The HTN 2024 Graz conference foregrounds the understanding of translation and interpreting as historically and politically contextualized activities that can potentially bring about cultural and social transfer and transformation. It probes the influence of politics on these activities while also exploring how translation politics can act as a catalyst for change within specific settings. Building upon the premise that translation is not only an essential element of historical analysis but also a historically situated practice, submissions that delve into the roles of translators, interpreters, and other pertinent institutions as agents or subjects of transformation are welcome. Conference invites contributions that investigate instances of translation and interpreting that both instigate modifications within prevailing economic, political, religious, or social power dynamics and face constraints imposed by them, as well as contributions discussing the methodological added value of translation/interpreting as a lens into history.